Our approach to Testing

We like to go in-depth with our bike testing. After all, if we're going to recommend a particular model we need to have absolute confidence that it's the best choice. We're very picky about the brands we partner with, and in the (thankfully rare) event that a particular model is a disappointment we're not shy of saying so.

Just as importantly, this allows us to use our real-world experience of each bike's performance, handling and ride quality in tandem with our proprietary Fit App - combining all of the above with the frame geometry and your fit data to ensure that you end up with exactly the right bike for you, perfectly fitted.

Throughout the blog you'll find news articles taking a "First Look" at a new bike. These summaries are intended to help keep you up to date with the latest models. But we also like to delve a lot deeper, and that's where our 'ridden and reviewed' blogs come in...

Independent and informed

We buy the bikes that we test. They're not 'loaners' from the manufacturer; we buy them, we build them up and we test them completely independently. This allows us to be entirely honest, we're under no pressure to talk up the results.

The correct size is chosen for the tester based on their fit data, then the bike is set up in our Bespoke workshops. This gives us consistency, and ensures the bike gets a fair deal, it will be brand new and properly set up, not a secondhand "Press" bike that's already been hammered by numerous other testers.

The bike is then tested over a period of 2-3 months. We'll often have first impressions up within a few weeks, followed up by a look back at the end of the test period. Even the first impressions don't come until it has had a thorough workout (often at a major event such as the Haute Route).

We mimic the kind of riding that our customers will be doing, everything from training rides and weekend coffee runs to sportives and races. Naturally the testing is tailored to the specific bike, so a TT bike will have a very different regimen to a gravel bike.

The common thread is that all our test bikes get an in-depth test over a long period of time, by a rider with years of experience of riding similar models. This is a lot more than just PR, our reputation depends on it!

what do we do with these amazing bikes after TESTING?

Whilst it'd be lovely to have a barn full of nearly-new world class bikes (and yes, there's an element of that - we do this job for a reason!) we do need to make space for the constant stream of new models as they come through.

After 2-3 months on test rotation the bike will generally be returned to Bespoke HQ for a full strip down, overhaul and inspection. We're then able to offer the ex-test bike to our customers for a hefty discount.

Bespoke Founder Barry is also our chief tested, and his test bikes are usually a 56 or 58cm frame.

So, if you're interested in one of our test bikes, drop us a line and when it becomes available we'll be sure to email and let you know!