Independent Fabrication Ti Crown Jewel

Our custom Indy Fab's are starting to come through now and this Ti Crown Jewel is a fine example.

Nick wanted a classic look so we worked with him on this paintscheme to give a timeless and elegant finish to his Ti Crown Jewel. Bobby's history of working on projects with Indy Fab's craftsmen means that we have a good understanding between us and results in great looking bikes. We can translate your vision into a rideable reality.

Nice fade on the logo, great detail. This paint job is immaculate. The metallic dark navy is amazing looking but lends the build an understated panache. The Pacenti rims are tough and have a wider profile, similar to H Plus Son Archetypes or HED Belgiums, giving a more stable, more comfortable ride. We build a wide variety of wheels in house and are happy to advise on what may work best for you.

The overall look of the build is classic throughout. Ultegra electronic provides top notch performance without overpowering looks and without the expense of Dura Ace, perfect for winter riding.

The sterling silver headbadge is always a great touch. Indy Fab really know how to do details. Note how clean the internal cabling is. The Chris King headset and hubs are very much part of the aesthetic of this build - excellent quality components but nothing 'flashy', pure quality and understated.

The raw ti finish on the rear triangle really shows the quality of the build as well as providing a nice stand out feature. The crowned IF logos add a nice detail and a visual link to the yellow banding elsewhere on the frame. The internal cabling keeps it clean.

Come and see us about curating your own Independent Fabrication build here at Bespoke. You can see lots more details of this great build at our build archive. Photos by Bobby Whittaker.