Home Mechanic Courses at Bespoke Cycling

Held at our London studio, we invite you to step into our world of custom bike builds and let us teach you the practices of bicycle maintenance and assembly.


Please contact us to be added to the wait list - hello@bespokecycling.com

If you are interested in a group booking, please contact us where we can build a unique event to suit your group size and mechanic competence.


When moving to our new studio we wanted to show off the incredible work that our mechanics to do when building and assembling high-spec road bikes.

We started with an open-plan workshop, inviting clients to be part of their new build or service both in-person, but also remotely through Whatsapp and Instagram.

Now we want to train YOU on the actual skills for maintenence and assembly of bikes, and we are thrilled to offer our Home Mechanic training courses at our London Studio.


£199 per person.


Bespoke Cycling

Laystall House, 8 Rosebery Avenue




The course is run by our Head Mechanic Keith. Keith has 20 years experience in the cycling industry, including time with multiple UCI-Continental Race teams.

Keith is keen to see you learn and creates a supportive and exciting environment to discover bike mechanic skills.

Mechanic Training Course Syllabus

What will you learn

The course is based around home mechanics, cleaning and roadside repair.

Any of the course can be changed to work on specific areas if a group booking has a particular aim i.e electronic gears and hydraulic brakes.


Course starts at 9am. Brief meet and greet with coffee and pastries/biscuits.

You'll be introduced to Keith and the plan for the day will be explained. Keith will show you round the workshop and run through the tools you will be using. You'll then jump straight into the practical work;

  1. Torque Wrench handle bar/stems/seat post.
  2. Puncture and tyre installation
    1. Tubeless / tubes
    2. QR and thru axle
    3. Dyno plugs and tyre boots
    4. Sealant and tubeless valves
    5. Roadside repairs
    6. Tyre inspection / wear
  3. Chain and Cassette Removal
    1. Quick link pliers and pins
    2. Remove and replace a chain (plus cutting chain to size)
    3. Cleaning and relube
    4. Chain wear tool and how to use it.
    5. Chain whip and cassette tool
    6. Cleaning and reinstallation
  4. Pedal removal and install
    1. Chainset removal (SRAM/Shimano) Axle grease,
    2. chainring wear
    3. Torque settings
  5. Cleaning products and processes of cleaning.

Break For Lunch

The second part of the day will focus on gears and brakes.

  1. Brakes
    1. Disc Vs Rim
    2. Pad removal, clean, wear, install
    3. Caliper and hydraulic clean and align
    4. Pad spreader and rotor straightening tool
    5. Hydraulic brake bleed Shimano/SRAM
  2. Cleaning rotors, rim brake surface and wear tolerance.
    1. Removing rotors (cassette and over ring)
  3. Hanger and hanger tool demonstration and explanation
  4. Gearing
    1. Mechanical vs electric
    2. Cable operated - cable tension, limit screws, b-tension
    3. Intro to electronic systems - SRAM/Shimano
    4. Electronic Installation and set up
    5. Diagnostics and firmware update
    6. Battery check, replacement & charging
    7. Problem solving adjustment and limits

Any spare time at the end will be used for bartaping and the principals of wheel truing.

Finally the day will be rounded off with a Q&A.

We'd be thrilled to see you on a course and share our knowledge.

Any further questions please email hello@bespokecycling.com.

Cancellation policy: We have 2 week cancellation on policy on our Home Mechanic Course. A cancellation inside of 2 weeks will forfeit your payment, although you can reschedule onto a future course.