If you've been on Instagram recently you'll have seen a lot of people (including us) getting very excited about a particular Mosaic custom paint scheme.

Prismatica was created for the Chris King Precision Components Open House. This annual event is a lot more than just a chance for Chris King to launch some special colourways, although that's always a treat. It's more like a mini-NAHBS, with the cream of US custom builders and precision component manufacturers coming together to trade insights, build alliances and show off some very special bikes.

For this year's event Mosaic gave their paint team a simple brief:

This bike needs to be colourful, highlight the new Chris King headset colour and be uniquely Mosaic

The result is this - the Prismatica paint scheme, and we'll let the pictures speak for themselves (although my personal favourite element might well be that headbadge).

The response has been so great that Mosaic have decided to make this paint scheme the first in a new "Artist Series" - a semi-regular, unique paint offering in limited quantities.

The Prismatica design will be available this autumn for a $600 upcharge on Mosaic's flagship level frames - the RS-1, RT-1, RT-1d, GT-1 and XT-1.

To order yours, get in touch