Don't Bonk on Your Bike!

Nicola Marsh, registered dietician at New Body Osteopathy has written a piece looking at nutrition for cyclists over on their blog:

"When New Body Osteopathy asked me to write a nutrition themed article for Bespoke, I thought to myself, "where on earth do I begin?" "Something about sports nutrition for cyclists" somebody suggested. This didn't really narrow it down much as there is so much a Sports Dietitian can do to help an athlete meet their individual goals.

So, I spent some time chatting with the guys who work in Bespoke and what it is they think their clients might wish to read about. Different ideas and questions came up such as "what about hydration?", "should I be taking supplements?" or "how much carbohydrate do cyclists really need?" and "how can our clients have a more enjoyable ride?".

What struck me most of all was that they too were struggling to know where to begin. So, I thought, that's it, let's start at the beginning as, whether you are a seasoned veteran preparing for your 10th L'Etape Du Tour looking for that extra edge; or heading for your first ever sportive and just want to make it to the end, mastering the basics is essential..."

Read the full blog HERE and get in touch with New Body Osteopathy for more nutrition information or to find out more about their range of services available at our Gresham Street and Canary Wharf stores.