The PNS A/W19 collection is here

The PNS autumn/winter collection has landed, in-store at Bespoke Gresham Street and in our online shop.

There are updates to some old friends, some brand new fabric tech, and as we've come to expect from PNS a range of tempting seasonal colours.

Performance cycle clothing took a while to adopt the idea of 'layering', but in recent years it has become the dominant theme, and is very much here to stay. The beauty of this collection is its versatility. All the bases are covered and you can mix and match for any conditions; essential in our changeable winter weather.

Let's take a look at some highlights:

The Control Collection

The Control collection forms the core of this season's range.

The name comes from PNS's desire to give the rider a sense of control over the elements - to be able to ride no matter what the conditions.

It includes men's and women's bibs and jerseys, base layers and a range of accessories. All are designed to give warmth without bulk and, crucially, to work together - enabling you to mix and match with other items from the range (or your existing gear) to tailor your outfit to the weather on the day.

Many of the outer layers now have a DWR water repellent coating. This is a great way to reduce 'sogginess' and thus keep you warmer (and more comfortable) for longer, without reducing the all-important breathability of the fabric.

The Control Long Sleeve Jersey is likely to become a staple of many an autumn and winter wardrobe. Cut with a race fit, but easily accomodating a base layer underneath when required, this is essentially a thicker version of their all-time classic Momentum summer jersey.

Available in men's and women's fits, and also in a short-sleeved version (men's) that pairs brilliantly with the new Control Arm Warmers for maximum versatility.

The Control Winter Jacket (above) is a softshell, based on their tried-and-tested winter jacket but updated with a new cut and construction for 2019.

Softshells are a wonderful innovation for cold conditions, whether dry or damp, blending waterproofness and insulation in a lightweight and stretchy garment. An integrated waterproof membrane helps keep the rain out but remains highly breathable. The soft fleecy inner face fabric feels great and helps keep you warm. The built-in stretchiness of the Polartec Power Shield Pro makes for a comfortable and unrestrictive fit when on the bike.

Naturally there is also a choice of base layers (pictured below) suited to either early/mid or deep winter conditions.

The unisex Control Mid base layer is designed to work well in a wide range of temperatures, available in both short-sleeved and long-sleeved versions. These form the heart of any winter wardrobe, constructed from the extremely clever Polartec PowerWool which blends the natural insulation and odour-resistance of Merino wool on the inner face with the durability of a high-wicking synthetic outer face - all in one integrated fabric.

For really cold weather the Control Heavy Long Sleeve Base Layer uses the same PowerWool technology in a thicker fabric, for the ultimate in protection without overheating.

The Defend Collection

A range within a range, the Defend collection is designed for those days that start out cold but warm up as the day goes on.

This is such a genius idea that it's a wonder it hasn't been more widely offered (I suspect the answer is simply that the fabric technology has only just arrived on the scene) and PNS are at the forefront. For 2019 they've updated the Control bibs with their latest 4-layer foam chamois insert (now present right across this season's range). This is an incredibly light weight pad that provides comfort for long, hard rides without undue bulk.

Check out the Defend Bibs for men and for women.

They've also introduced a new Defend Jersey this season, using the same high-tech fabric and with the same multi-purpose aims.

The Shield collection

That's the base and mid-layers covered - what about the outer layer? That's where the Shield collection comes in.

The Shield jacket and gilet are available in a new range of colours this season. Their star feature remains the incredible Schoeller c_change membrane integrated into the fabric. This actually adapts in use to best suit your needs, with the membrane invisibly expanding as you heat up to allow better moisture control (whilst remaining windproof) and contracting in colder conditions to keep you warm.

Layer them up over either a jersey, a base layer, or both and you've got an outer layer that'll see you through the worst the winter has to offer and remain genuinely useful through the shoulder seasons too.

Naturally there is a full range of arm, leg and knee warmers available - all made with PNS's typical attention to fit, and with extended silicone grippers to keep them securely in place.

Knees in particular can tend to be neglected in cooler/colder conditions. If you're battling through winter bare-kneed and have never tried knee or leg warmers - give them a go! One of the most exposed parts of your body, out there in the wind and cold, you need to look after your knees; for pedalling efficiency, comfort and for their long-term health.

The range is rounded out with a selection of protective gear for your head/neck:

PNS Control Headband - protection for your ears and forehead, designed to fit neatly and comfortably under your cycle helmet.

PNS Control Light Neck Band - highly versatile and super soft, with a blend of Merino wool and natural bamboo fibre. Ideal for autumn and spring, keeping those draughts out of your collar.

PNS Control Merino Socks - cut a little longer for added protection, and with the softness, insulation, breathability and natural odour-resistance of Merino wool.

PNS Control Neck Band - a heavier weight version of the neck band for deep winter weather. A great "draught excluder" that's ultra soft and stetchy enough to pull up over your mouth and nose in harsh conditions.

Below is PNS's video showing them testing the new season gear in the field: