Pas Normal Studios Race Kit Review

There is no denying the fact that Danish company Pas Normal Studios provide serious kit for proper cycling.

I've been riding in the Race Jersey and Race Bib Shorts for a few months now, including lots of fast training rides through the Chilterns and arduous London commutes.

The first impressions you'll have of this kit is the almost painted-on fit. While some may be put off by this, 'Race fit' as Pas Normal Studios call it, this is one of the few cycling kits I've tried that fits properly all over. This means the pad is held securely in place, providing absolute comfort even on 5+ hour rides. The jersey is superb too, I always find kit that doesn't have any baggy, wind catching bits of material is really constrictive over the shoulders or too short on the front. Conversely, the Pas Normal Studios race jersey is super stretchy so it hugs the body, but mostly importantly, doesn't restrict movement, particularly in more aggressive positions on the bike.

What's interesting is, like most cyclists, I rotate my kit daily based on what is clean and what is in the wash. Since riding Pas Normal Studios kit, this has a major downside - all my other kit feels ill-fitting, uncomfortable, and almost unwieldy.

In fact, I'd go as far to say Pas Normal Studios have produced my favourite jersey and bib short combination I've worn to date.

- Dan

On my recent Alps trip with 1330 I was really impressed with my Pas Normal kit. The fit is just superb. No bunching, no movement, it just fits perfectly and lets you get on with it. You may be struggling with a headwind but you'll look cool, so that's half the battle... I found the bibs to be the most comfortable I've ever owned. They are also pleasingly long in the leg. Very Pro.

We eagerly await the Fall (aka Autumn...) collection, which we expect early October. The collection sees Pas Normal up their tech game with water resistant bibs and long sleeve tops for the colder weather, all with that killer Danish aesthetic.