It's probably unusual to hear 'winter bike' and 'Trek Project One' in the same sentence but for one recent customer at our Jermyn Street store that was just the beginning...

Ultimately after a Trek Project One for next year, the customer soon decided that this awesome Spartacus Signature Edition Domane 6 Series would perfectly suit his needs over the winter months and into the Spring Classics season. And why not?

With the Domane's noted comfort and resilience over unforgiving surfaces, what better way to get in the off-season base miles? Di2 equipped and with the massively underrated Bontrager Aeolus 5 wheelset, this will battle through long distances with ease. The incredible Spartacus paint job means you have the style elements covered in spades too. There aren't enough bikes adorned with this amount of detail. The Romanesque flourishes and gladiatorial helmets and spears will provide inspiration as you suffer through the long miles. I guess for ultimate post-modernity you could ride on the turbo and watch all 198 minutes of the eponymous 1960 movie epic or even the other Spartacus crushing some cobbles in Paris-Roubaix. We'll leave that up to you...

To get the perfect fit for this customer Ben recommended the Zipp stem, the perfect angle and length for him. Garmin's rather remarkable Vector pedals finish off this great build. Again, you probably don't get so many of these pedal based power meter systems on nominal winter bikes, but everything is possible and if you wish to train effectively you need to capture your data effectively.

So, if you want a winter bike, a Trek Project One, pro level wheels or advice on power based training, come and see us. If you want to sweat, fight and bleed in the gladiatorial quest for eternal glory, well, that's down to you and the road.

You can see more shot of the bike, photographed by Bobby Whittaker, at our Flickr bike archive.