SRM: Power like a PRO

As my long suffering wife will attest I have an obsessive compulsive nature.

So it was only natural that when I started to get back into training I would do so in a big way.

And there is no better way than training to power.

Five years ago there were basically two options: SRM and Powertap. Now there are dozens; with more coming (including the 200lb gorilla that is Shimano).

I have had 3 SRMs in the past. They are ludicrously expensive, but nothing shouts PRO more than a Dura Ace SRM.

So I put my big boy pants on and bit the bullet and got another SRM.

We see a lot of power meters in store. We have all become slightly blasé about them really. But everytime someone opened the SRM box they said "that's cool". Even Christine, who does our books, said it 'looked' expensive. Then she saw the attached invoice and began to weep...

The head unit

How time has changed. The last head unit I had was the PCV. We are now on the PC8, and this one has GPS Because it records in Ant+ you can use other PM's. I used mine to record a loaner bike with a Quarq, and also even on my Kickr trainer.

It is meant to be getting Bluetooth (which will be a firmware update) and so currently you need to manually sync it to your Strava/Training Peaks account (unlike Garmin which will do that automatically).

But what the PC8 is good at is recording data. It is a tool; the Garmin is a glorified Sat Nav in comparison (and I have a 520).

The PC8 has a wonderfully clear screen, in landscape format, with all your key data to hand. Recording intervals is a breeze, and given the size, in landscape, the data is so clear to read. The display is just beautifully clear.

You are never in any doubt that this is a tool with which to record your work. This is not a speedo to potter about with…

It comes in in three main colours - I chose mine in gun metal grey (other options were black or a snazzy red). It reminds me of a Rolex Submariner - expensive, but at heart it's a beautifully engineered work tool. Every time I look at it it makes me smile. And for £550 that's not such an indulgence at all.

For more details on SRM and power meters please get in touch.