Wheel Upgrades #1: Mavic & ENVE

There's a bewildering selection of wheels available nowadays. The one thing you can be sure of though is that choosing the correct set of wheels will vastly improve your cycling. If you've set your sites on peaks unconquered, you'll really appreciate the increased power transfer and superior handling that a decent set of wheels will give you.

Here's our pick of the current crop:


Ksyrium Pro Carbon/Disc

The light, carbon rimmed Ksyrium Pro Carbon is available with a limited edition Haute Route graphic and ceramic bearings. Available in disc and rim brake versions. Disc version weighs 1570g (pair, without tyres), costing £1,725.00. The rim brake version weighs in at 1390g (pair, without tyres), costing £1,650. We have very limited stock of both.

We say: With a shallow depth and low weight, these are a great choice for the mountains. You'll appreciate the stiffness, the smooth ceramic bearings and the state of the art laser treated braking surface.

Ksyrium Pro Exalith

The Ksyrium Pro Exalith Haute Route is a special edition wheel created for the sportive's majestic climbs, combining low weight with incredible efficiency. Mavic added a wider, lighter ISM4D rim, for improved aerodynamics and lighter weight, with Zicral spokes and Isopulse lacing for unbeatable stability. It weighs in at 1475g (pair, excluding tyres), costing a very reasonable £900. As with the others, we have only very limited stock, so don't sleep on these!

We say: The Ksyrium Exalith line have long been a year-round favourite with hardcore riders. Tough, stiff and with better braking than standard aluminium rims, these are a winner in the mountains. The new added width lets you run wider tyres and lower pressures, letting the clincher sit better. Fantastic wheels made even better.

Cosmic Pro Carbon SL

With 25mm external width, 40mm deep, and 1450g without tyres, the newest Cosmics are a serious contender. The new rounder profile is similar to ENVE and Zipp, and the new braking surface has had excellent reviews. Priced at £1450.00 for the pair, with tyres.

We say: With the incredible performance of the new laser-treated brake track we really think they're something special, and priced at £1450 they're a serious option against much more expensive offerings. The braking is phenomenal, Mavic have done a superb job with these.



This is ENVE's dedicated climber's wheel. Shallow 25mm depth front and rear, 18.5 internal width and a claimed built weight of 1110g, these are pro-level technology. Available as tubular or tubeless-ready clincher and with a choice of DT Swiss, Chris King or the new carbon ENVE hubs. The new braking surface is a vast improvement on previous models.

We say: One for the specialists, these are incredible wheels. Extremely light.

ENVE SES 3.4 / 3.4 disc

The ENVE 3.4 has become something of a staple here at Bespoke. 35mm front and 45mm rear depth gives improved handling, and they're just the right depth to be a good all-rounder in all conditions for most riders. Coming in at 1320g built, they are a lightweight option for almost all builds. Option of clincher/tubular as well as hub options from DT Swiss, Chris King and ENVE carbon.

We say: There's a reason these wheels are so popular. They're damn good! The depth is perfect for almost all terrain, giving you the aero advantage without the crosswind problems. Great design, superb engineering, if you have deep pockets then these could be the only wheels you'll ever need.

That's it for this time, but get in touch for more details. We're ready to help get you on the best wheels for your next ride.