Wide tyres on road bikes?

Yes, that's a thing now. Seems like only yesterday running 25mm wide tyres was a bit wild, those extra 2mm would surely have you crawling along at a snails pace... So how did we get to a place where stock road bikes come with up to 32mm wide tyres and major manufacturers are making aero rims specifically for 28mm and above?

Comfort is part of the equation, as is the growing interest in taking the 'road bike' on some more untraveled surfaces. But won't wider tyres make you slower? Well, no, not really. Check out what GCN had to say about the issue recently. The science is surprising.

Pressure is another key factor, as mentioned in the video, and something we'll be addressing again in another blog. The correct pressure can make a world of difference to how the tyre performs, how the wheel feels, how the whole ride feels. It's something many of us probably don't consider enough.

While we don't expect to see people racing up Ventoux on 40mm tyres, for the majority of riding other than epic climbs, where you want to keep the weight as low as you can, wider tyres makes a lot of sense. The poorly maintained lanes of Kent feel much better under a 32mm tyre than 23mm, there's no denying it...

Come and see us about wider tyres and bikes with wider clearances, we'll be happy to advise you.