above: the Wilier 0 SLR in newly unveiled Team Astana colours (also available to the public!)

It's not every day that we add a new brand to our roster, and we're very pleased to announce that Wilier are the latest to join this select bunch.

This legendary Italian brand have been producing bikes since 1906, and are famous for their gorgeous paint schemes. But of course there's a lot more required to stand out in the modern bike era, and what has particularly impressed us is their flexibility and attention to detail - two factors of the utmost importance to us as bike fitters.

A number of our team have been testing Wilier's lineup over the past few months, and our fitters have been poring over their geometry tables. We've also sat down with their management team, a close-knit and experienced outfit, with the business being run by the Gastaldello family since the early 1970s.

Crucially they understand what we, as bike fit specialists, require - and are happy to provide framesets for us to custom build, complete bikes, or any combination in between. The result is plenty of options to suit any rider.

Of course the most important things are the bikes themselves, and Wilier have a very comprehensive lineup of performance machines...

below: the Zero SLR is Wilier's ultralight flagship model, with the frame weighing in at just 780g

We already have a range of Wilier framesets ready and waiting in our bike builder - where you can configure your dream custom build live and online.

Choose from the the lightweight 0 SLR, the endurance Cento10NDR, the aero-road Cento10PRO and the gravel/adventure Jena.

Wilier's current flagship model is the 0 SLR (Zero SLR), an ultralight all-rounder with an emphasis on integration. Hidden cabling makes for an extremely neat bike, especially with their own-brand monocoque bar/stem combo.

An asymmetrical rear triangle ensures that power is transferred through the lightweight frame without any loss of effiency. Each size of frame uses a different layup and mix of carbon to ensure consistency across the entire range. In fact the Zero SLR boasts the best stiffness to weight ratio Wilier have produced in a lightweight frame, despite also being their lightest yet.

Barry has been checking out the Zero - read his first impressions here.

The Cento10PRO is Wilier's top aero road bike. As a relatively new model the PRO replaces the established Cento10AIR, bringing a not-to-be-sniffed-at 6% increase in stiffness.

Wind tunnel optimised, it uses the KAMM Tail profile truncated aero tube shapes to maximise aero benefits whilst keeping weight to a minimum. And as you'd expect on a modern aero bike there's room for up to 28mm wide tyres, and cables are routed internally, passing through the Wilier bar and stem into the head tube to keep things neat and tidy.

Endurance is covered by the Cento10NDR (pictured above), which uses an interestingly different method of vibration reduction.

Wilier's ACTIFLEX rear suspension is specifically designed for road use, it gives just a few millimetres of precisely damped travel to absorb the fatigue and discomfort of rough road surfaces, but adds very little weight or complexity to the lightweight carbon frameset.

It's also tuneable, with the elastomer element being swappable for one of three different densities, to allow for different riding styles and rider weights. The chunky aluminium link is lightweight but retains all the torsional stiffness you need for efficient power transfer and pin-sharp handling. The carefully designed chainstays are designed to flex up and down to provide the required suspension, whilst remaining totally stiff from side to side.

Of course there's a lot more to a modern endurance bike than simply comfort, and Wilier make extensive use of Kamm Tail profile aero tube shapes throughout the Cento10NDR, with many features carried over from their aero bike range.

The aero theme (and gorgeous aesthetics) are further aided by the extremely neat cockpit, with cables routed through Wilier's bar and stem into the head tube (the Barra and Stemma are included in this frameset, along with the Ritchey-made seatpost, but it is also available as a frame only should you need, or prefer to choose, an alternative bar and/or stem).

Interestingly the NDR's frame and fork can also be adapted to run either disc or rim brakes - you're not permanently locked into one option or the other. Tyre clearance with disc brakes is up to 30mm wide, and with direct mount rim brakes 28mm.

below: Wilier have joined the gravel/adventure revolution with the Jena - see it at Bespoke Gresham Street

Naturally there are gravel bikes in the lineup, and the Wilier Jena has been getting some rave reviews online.

It features a carbon frame and forks, with aero profile tubes for maximum efficiency and kinked top tube and seatstays for added comfort and compliance. The Jena can be run 1x or 2x, with 700c tyres up to 44mm wide or 650b tyres up to 1.95in wide.

The geometry is relatively aggressive for a gravel bike, without being over the top, making this a superb choice for those looking to go fast and far. A skinny 27.2mm seatpost, with plenty of extension, helps keep things comfortable.

There's a full complement of mounting points, for mudguards and racks both front and rear (or if you're not running a lowrider rack on the front you could fit another couple of bottle holders).

below: Wilier's stunning metallic "Ramato" finish, seen here on the Cento10PRO

As you'd expect from a leading modern bike brand, there's an e-bike in the lineup, but it's something quite special. The Cento10 Hybrid is the flagship of several models in Wilier's e-bike range, and it's quite possibly the most attractive performance road e-bike we've seen to date.

The hub-based motor makes for an extremely neat and slim frameset, with the battery hidden away inside. The bar-mounted controller is a particularly neat, and subtle, way to manage the levels of assist.

We currently have one of these in-store at Bespoke Gresham Street - pop in and take a look, it's well worth it!

below: Wilier have one of the most attractive of the new generation of performance e-bikes in the Cento Hybrid

Wilier will have a presence in the World Tour in 2020, with their newly announced partnership with Astana (adding to their existing Continental tour sponsorship of Total Direct Energie).

Astana will primarily be riding the ultralight 0 SLR, with the Wilier Turbine TT bike also in their armoury. The partnership is certain to be mutually beneficial, with Astana's riders providing feedback and working with Wilier to further develop their range.

The team colour scheme is simply stunning, as you'd expect from a Wilier, and is also available to the public as a Team Issue replica.

See more in their introductory video...