Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance

Bespoke - Official Partners of Yellow Jersey

When you have a decent bike and like to travel with it, it can be very difficult to get the appropriate cover. We've found Yellow Jersey offer the best cycle specific insurance out there.

"As cyclists ourselves we spent a lot of time understanding the best approach to providing road bike insurance. We decided to create a totally inclusive package. We know its difficult making the compromise between cover for price when you are insuring your prized possession. We have not compromised on any element. Having looked at home insurance, British Cycling insurance and other stand-alone road bike insurance providers we believe we have come up with something unique."

With cover for your bike and your bike box, competition cover, international cover and multi-bike discount, we've partnered with Yellow Jersey as we feel they offer our customers the best possible cover for their beautiful bikes.

Yellow Jersey's road bike insurance policy includes the following benefits:

  • You can insure single cycles up to £15,000.00 with cover for theft and accidental damage as standard. Most insurance comes with theft and accidental damage you might say! But the devil is in the detail. We have removed many of the restrictive clauses you might find in a home insurance policy and from other standalone cycle insurance providers.
  • We give everyone a 50% Multi-bicycle discount as standard. If you own a winter training bicycle in addition to your 'best' bike, or perhaps you also have a mountain bike and CX bike, we will offer a 50% discount on all additional bicycles - after all you can only ride one at a time!
  • A single policy can be used for up to £50,000 combined bicycle value and our policy has Family Cover as standard. Our 50% Multi-cycle discount applies across your family fleet.
  • Competition Cover - Including crash damage, race wheels, race cancellation cover, and liability cover irrespective of organising body.
  • Cover for owned or hired bike boxes, including damage to the box or the bicycle when in an aircraft hold.
  • International cover for you and your bicycle. If you love winter training camps or racing abroad we include cover for your cycles worldwide.
  • FREE DNA+ forensic coding included with every Yellow Jersey cycle insurance policy

You can get an instant quote here . We're confident that you'll find their service top quality.