Zipp's Newly Updated NSW Carbon Clinchers - Now wider and tubeless ready

Zipp have updated their popular NSW carbon clincher range, widening the rim bed to better cater for the trend towards larger volume tyres.

The 19mm internal rim width is ideally suited to 25mm tyres, giving increased air volume and allowing you to run lower pressures for additional comfort whilst benefitting from improved handling and reduced rolling resistance.

Additionally the newly designed rims are fully tubeless ready (although they can still be run with tubes if you prefer). We're seeing more and more riders moving to tubeless, so this is undoubtedly a wise move on Zipp's part - even if you're not ready to make the change just yet, it ensures these wheels will remain 'future proof' for years to come.

Tubeless adds to and enhances the existing benefits of wider tyres and rims - lower pressures, lower rolling resistance, better handling - plus improved puncture resistance.

The three revised models are:

  • Zipp 303 NSW Carbon Clincher Tubeless (45mm rim depth)
  • Zipp 404 NSW Carbon Clincher Tubeless (58mm rim depth)
  • Zipp 808 NSW Carbon Clincher Tubeless (82mm rim depth)

All in rim-brake form, with Zipp's reliably efficient braking surface.

The wheelsets are available to pre-order now. To secure a set for your new or existing bike, give us a call.