“Working hard to stay small”

Imagine a bike company that answers to no-one but it's two founders. Industry veterans with a wealth of experience and a desire to create the kind of bike they want to ride, without compromise and free from dogma.

OPEN are that company, and we're genuinely thrilled to welcome Andy and Gerard into the Bespoke family.

Legendary bike designer Gerard Vroomen was co-founder and lead designer at Cervélo, and has always been at the cutting edge of practical innovation.

Andy Kessler has spent his working life in the bike industry, via Scott and Cannondale to become CEO of the Swiss cycling brand BMC (taking them from a small local player to a global powerhouse). He then worked at Cervélo alongside Gerard, but both of them hankered for a less corporate, more personal experience.

Together these two friends bring the industry know-how, practical experience, and above all the sheer love of riding that's essential to building their small but striking range of bikes.

Specialising in the burgeoning gravel/adventure category, they're basically building the bikes they want to ride - and fortunately they just happen to be bikes that we very much want to ride too.

Their timing is perfect, and you can be sure that OPEN will continue to innovate, whilst remaining dedicated to practicality. What they leave out is almost as important as what they put in. There are no token "new technologies" here - if it's of benefit then they'll include it, if it's simply marketing puff or a flash in the pan then it'll be left out.

The end result is a remarkably capable and refreshingly different range, and we're excited to see what they have in store for the future.

At OPEN, our motto is “working hard to stay small”. We’ve done the “big company” thing, and it was time for something different. So we design the bike we want to ride ourselves, we produce them, sell them to like-minded people and that’s it.

Andy and Gerard - OPEN
"It's not often I am wrong (actually that's a lie...), But I never really got the Gravel scene, and thus I never really got OPEN.
Sure I knew of Gerard Vroomen's involvement and the fact that almost everything he touches turns to gold…
After having ridden gravel bikes I now 'get it'. And OPEN are spearheading this movement.
Cycling is meant to be fun, And know one gets that better than OPEN"

Barry Scott, Bespoke Founder

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