The S-Works range represents the cutting-edge of cycling technology, developed alongside the likes of McLaren. Each bike in the range is focused on a specific task, be it race, endurance or aero.

Any company that invests so much research and development into 'Fit' will find a willing home at Bespoke. And when you combine this ethos with world class engineering, you have something very special indeed.

Whether in the hands of Mark Cavendish, Tony Martin or latterly Peter Sagan, Specialized have seen an unparalleled run of success. Multiple grand tour wins, green jersey wins and the world's greatest classics have all featured in Specialized's palmares in recent years.

At Bespoke we really like the Specialized road range as its so easily identifiable - each model has a great blend of attributes and a specific core audience. Whatever kind of riding you prefer, they'll have the right tool for the job.

We have access to the full Specialized range; road, MTB, gravel/adventure, cyclocross and Tri/TT, and whichever you choose you can be sure of the perfect fit thanks to our bike fitting expertise. Even if buying an "off the peg" complete build we'll swap the contact points like-for-like as required to ensure maximum comfort and performance, all at no extra charge.

We're also S-Works champions. S-Works is Specialized's elite model range, making Pro performance and technology available to everyone. with a comprehensive lineup of brilliantly specced bikes. At Bespoke we're pleased to build and fit these awesome bikes on a regular basis.

Want to know more - pop into one of our stores, or contact us - and see some range highlights below.

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I have a friend who was testing the S-Works Tarmac at the same time I was. We compared notes, and the first thing he asked himself was how he could find a way to afford to keep it. It's really that good...