Bespoke x Parlee Z-Zero Disc


Bespoke x Parlee

Bespoke and Parlee go back a very long way...

They let their bikes speak for themselves, they're not interested in marketing fluff or jumping on the latest bandwagon.

We care about fit, first and foremost, the right kit for the job

These complementary approaches dovetail nicely, and the end result is that we've long been champions of Parlee - and they really understand where we're coming from.

This Z-Zero Disc is a perfect example. When a regular customer wanted a "Bespoke" bespoke bike (and how flattering is that!) Parlee knew that we'd want to go understated, classy, timeless.

The Bespoke Chevron is subtly worked in to the head tube graphics, and pinstripes (revealing the carbon weave beneath) carry the design smoothly along the frame.

Handmade in the USA, the Z-Zero Disc uses Parlee's exclusive joining process to fuse together the individual carbon tubes, forming a lightweight but super strong frameset. Parlee's customary smooth ride is present and correct, along with the additional strength needed to handle disc braking forces. Those elegant wishbone seat stays don't just look great, they also keep things nicely on track.

Lightweight Wegweiser carbon wheels match up with the "strong but light" theme. Assembled by hand in Germany, these disc-specific hoops weigh in at under 1450g in clincher form, with each carbon spoke individually bonded in via the distinctive dovetail joint.

photos by Bobby Whittaker


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