Bianchi Aria e-Road


A company with as rich a sporting heritage as Bianchi was always going to have an interesting take on the "e-bike" revolution.

This Aria is a classic endurance/race carbon frameset, but with an added supply of pedal assistance to boost your range. The motor is integrated into the rear hub, whilst the battery is hidden seamlessly inside the frame, no unsightly bulges here. The total e-bike package adds just 3.5kg to the total bike weight (that's motor, battery, controls and wiring).

Are e-bikes for everyone? No, those extra few kilos won't be a price worth paying for some. But equally e-bikes aren't simply a shortcut for the lazy...

Ride without any assistance, and with no additional drag or resistance to the drivetrain, then engage power assistance at the end of a long day, give it your all and still get home. Ride further, explore more - this can be a powerful tool for motivation, particularly when building fitness and/or recovering from injury.

We're going to be seeing a lot more of this style of bike over the next few years.

photos by Bence Bujaki


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