Bianchi Oltre XR3 Potenza


In classic Bianchi Celeste this Oltre XR3 of course comes with an Italian groupset - in this case Campagnolo's latest 11 speed offering, Potenza.

Intended as an Ultegra competitor Potenza is a nicely performing all-rounder, and we're sure to see it appearing on a lot more bikes in the coming months.

But the real star here is the XR3 frame. Sitting, logically enough, between the existing entry-level XR2 and Grand-Tour proven range-topping XR4.

Part of the booming "aero road" category, the XR3 is designed to maximise aero benefits, both in terms of tube profiles and rider position, whilst remaining practical for long, mixed conditions riding. Aero seat post and head tube profiles contribute to the slippery shape, but handling remains sure-footed on tricky descents.

This is another of Bianchi's range to include Countervail carbon technology - vibration dampening built into the very fabric of the tubes. Rather than opting for elastomer inserts or springs Bianchi have used a special kind of carbon fibre which adds shock absorption into the tubes themselves. The end result is a sleek frame that's as comfortable as the competition.


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