Cannondale Slate 105


Roadies looking for a new thrill. MTB'ers or action-sports enthusiasts looking for a looser, more open definition of "road riding". Highly skilled riders looking for new limits to push. Highly unskilled riders looking to build skills without consequences.

That's who Cannondale reckon will enjoy the Slate. We think it sums it up pretty well.

The Slate is an alloy frame with a Lefty suspension fork, 650 wheels with 42mm wide tyres and drop bars. This all adds up to a lot of fun.

This model features 105 and hydraulic disc brakes, geared at 52/36 x 11/28. The 650b tyre size may look a little odd but they roll like 700s with the specially made 42mm tyres, made for Cannondale specifically for the Slate by Panaracer in Japan.

The Lefty fork is also somewhat eye-catching... Why is it there anyway? Well, the idea of the Slate is that you can ride pretty much anything on it. Wide tyres means low pressures and with 30mm of travel from the Lefty you'll be charging over the rough stuff with no problem.

The Slate is an amazing development really, smashing together a few different ideas and changing the concept of what genre a bike should fall into. Come and check them out.


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