Cannondale SystemSix


When it comes to bike fitting, accurate measurements are essential - but fit data is only part of the picture. It's what the fitter does with that data that makes all the difference, and that's our speciality.

Likewise when looking for aero advantages on a bike, wind tunnel testing plays a valuable role. But it's not the be all and end all, and to be of real benefit the bike needs to be aerodynamically efficient in the real world, where wind resistance is variable and constantly changing.

Cannondale have gone to great lengths to ensure that the new SystemSix is real-world fast... aiming to be the fastest and most efficient UCI-legal road bike in the world. That means designing a bike that's as fast as possible in as many different situations as possible, light weight for climbing, and precise, stable handling for descents.

The end result is this - their most versatile aero road bike yet - the 2020 SystemSix.

photos by Bence Bujaki


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