Cervélo PX Series


Cervélo's PX-Series throws the UCI rulebook out the window in pursuit of ultimate Triathlon speed, whether over full or half Ironman distances.

It's lighter and stiffer than their P5X, but it's also easier to travel with - Cervélo have paid particular attention to the cockpit, with a splittable basebar and neat travel holster making this an unusually bike-box-friendly machine.

Aerodynamic performance is one of Cervelo's hallmarks, and the PX-Series is no exception. Combine that with the Bespoke fit process, included as part of the purchase, and you have an unrivalled package that will maximise your performance (read more about our aero-optimised fitting services on the blog).

This build takes the Dura-Ace bike and adds in some special touches, most notably the oval chainrings from Absolute Black, designed to allow you to deliver uniform pressure throughout the pedal stroke, making things smoother, less fatiguing, and giving a claimed 9% increase in efficiency. And further gains come from the beautifully engineered CeramicSpeed OSPW, the oversized pulley wheels, with their ceramic bearings, providing the ultimate in low resistance with a smoother path for the chain than a conventional rear mech.

Whether you're going off-the-peg, full custom build or somewhere in between, we'll ensure that you get the perfect fit. Contact us to learn more.

photos by Steve at Bespoke Jermyn Street


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