Colnago C60 on Lightweight Wegweisers


This is one of those perfectly considered, carefully balanced builds that makes us proud to be Bespoke.

Colnago have chosen to highlight the lugged construction of the C60's carbon frame with a raw carbon finish on the tubes and bright white lugs. The end result is one of their most eye-catching colour schemes, despite the Tricolore being the only exception to the monochrome rule.

The smart move here was those Lightweight Wegweisers, their most recent design, built for disc brakes. These are the Weiss edition, sporting white spokes and hub bodies, and they look like they could have been made just for this bike.

But it's not just a pretty face. All C60s come with that classic Colnago handling and ride comfort, and this one has a brain too - a Quarq power meter keeps you informed, supported by SRAM Red eTap wireless electronic shifting.


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