Colnago C64 in BUSL Brushed Metal


Just last month Colnago launched some new 2020 colour schemes, and we're pleased to say they're already heading out to customers.

BUSL "Brushed Metal" was perhaps not the most eye catching of the new paint options when seen small-scale in a 'flat' side on photo. But in person, and in these higher quality shots, well that's a very different story. The paint may be described as "Brushed Metal", and it does indeed have that metallic lustre (despite the handmade carbon frameset beneath) but it looks almost as if it has been sketched - quite an extraordinary appearance.

The lugged carbon tubes of the C64 lend themselves particularly well to this finish, and the rest of the kit perfectly complements the overall aesthetic and, most importantly, the ride quality and performance.

ENVE's carbon wheelset is, like the frame, handmade in carbon fibre - and the wider profile of the SES 4.5 AR is a good match to the magic carpet like ride of the C64. Meanwhile Colnago's own SR9 stem neatly integrates the cables for a cleaner aesthetic.

photos by Bobby Whittaker


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