Dan's Project One Emonda


Dan's Trek Project One Emonda is wild.

None of us really knew what to expect when he decided on the leopard print paint option on Project One. There was no denying the Emonda itself would be an incredible machine. But would it look any good?

We love it. The leopard paint is in fact highly metallic and, dare we say, quite subtle in fact. The skill of the painter is evident in the lightness of touch, the deft strokes, making Dan's bike really different to the pack.

With it's agile handling and these Zipp 303 tubs, this Emonda will be hard to outrun. The Fizik 00 full carbon Arione keeps extra weight to minimum and is a befitting perch for such a majestic ride.

If you'd like to investgate Project One, leopard print or otherwise, come and see us at Bespoke Cycling.


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