Electra Townie


At Bespoke we like nothing better than finding the right tool for the job, whatever that may be. In the case of the Electra Townie e-bike that's easy to define - it's the ideal machine for shuttling around the city. Think of it as the bike equivalent of a classic black cab; a sturdy, stable, versatile load lugger that's totally optimised for its environment.

The classic step-through frame design makes hopping on and off easy, whilst the chain guard and mudguards ensure your clothes will stay clean whatever the weather. Shifting is similarly low-maintenance and worry-free, with an internally-geared rear hub providing a range of 5 gears.

Electra's "FlatFoot Technology" means that you can put both feet flat on the ground when you come to a stop, making traffic lights less of a chore, and the overall position is relaxed and upright, giving plenty of visibility and designed for maximum comfort and control.

Tucked into the bottom bracket area is a Bosch Performance Line motor, that provides as much or as little assistance as you want, with a very useful range of up to 100 miles between charges. Because for shuttling around town, especially when carrying a load, you want to arrive fresh.

With the chunky, Kevlar belted, 2.4in Schwalbe tyres you don't need to worry about cobbles, or potholes for that matter, and hydraulic disc brakes bring things safely to a stop. Electra ensure that everything is included, from the rear rack to the daylight running lights neatly integrated into the painted mudguards, and even an ABUS lock.

photos by Bence Bujaki


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