Independent Fabrication Steel Planet X


This Belgian inspired Independent Fabrication steel Planet X is eye poppingly impressive. Indy Fabs excellent paint work really stands out against the blue Chris King headset, top cap and hubs. Disc brakes take care of stopping, whatever the conditions.

Ultegra keeps transmission efficient and workmanlike, Chris King disc hubs laced to HED Belgium rims keep things tough as boots. The Panaracer Pasela gum walls in 32 provide classic looks and offer great puncture protection across a variety of surfaces. Fizik take care of all the finishing kit.

The keen eyed among you will notice the mudguard mount on the ENVE fork. This bike is built for year round use, from CX to winter commuting. We find a lot of our Indy Fab customers are looking for the mythical do-it-all bike. They often choose the brand for it's combination of steel, classic looks and the versatility from the various clearance and eyelet options.

Rarely does practicality look so sexy.

Photos: Bobby Whittaker / Bespoke


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