Moots Routt


These days there's no shortage of "go anywhere, do anything" bikes, usually based on cyclocross inspiration and tweaked for more stable handling and extra comfort. The Routt was at the forefront of this welcome development, and it's still a fantastic choice for many reasons:

Whilst the mass market brands are using carbon fibre, Moots - as always - are sticking with titanium, hand made in the USA. Ti makes for a forgiving ride and gives an almost indestructible level of strength and durability... and when it's this finely crafted it's a thing of beauty too (just look at those flawless welds).

But what sets Moots apart isn't just the choice of materials, it's the sheer range of options available.

The Routt as standard is supremely versatile, happily running on anything from 23mm race-day skinny tyres to 38mm gravel-grinding fatties for off-road excursions. Gravel/adventure, commuting, laden touring, training through to the occasional sportive - this is as close to a "one for all" as you're likely to find.

Add on to that the option of additional bottle mounts, mudguard and rack eyelets, wireless shift cable routing, pump pegs, S&S couplers, full custom sizing… the list goes on. We can build a Routt to do pretty much whatever you want (and have a heck of a lot of fun doing it).

This gorgeous example is particularly capable; every detail has been carefully thought out (including, refreshingly, a proper set of mudguards) and each component has been selected for longevity and performance, rather than bling (the looks are simply a welcome side effect!).


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