Moots Routt for Ed


Ed just collected this Moots Routt for his daily ride. He has a Parlee Altum from us, but he rides a 20 mile commute five days a week and wanted something that would stand up to the daily abuse of London life, letting him keep the Altum for Sunday best.

Inconspicuous with it's raw finish and no decals, this Routt is all about getting the job done, but making every ride a joy. One hundred miles a week is no joke, so you may as well enjoy them aboard a Moots!

The ENVE fork was adapted by Parlee with some mudguard eyelets, allowing Ed to run some SKS mudguards over the winter months. Disc brakes are the best choice for all-weather riding and busy roads. Electronic shifting keeps daily performance precise and crud free - no cables to get manky in the wet...

Panaracer Gravel King tyres are tough and comfortable, perfect for the daily grind, and for any extra jaunts at the weekend, whatever the surface.

Built up with assorted other parts from Ed's garage, (every cyclist has at least one box of bits lurking somewhere...), this is an unusual Moots build, but when you know what it's for it all makes perfect sense.

We think Ed will find it hard to put this one aside come the weekend...

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