Moots Routt RSL 1x


This Routt RSL is such a feast of wonderful details that it's hard to know where to start.

The shimmering holographic logos are as good a place as any... those aren't mere decals, they're produced in a multi-fade anodised process that's properly durable and looks amazing. This is their "Stanley" pattern, named in honour of Mr Kubrick (yes, that chainstay pattern is inspired by the carpet of a certain famous hotel).

Also noteworthy is the 1x drivetrain. No front mech means less clutter, less faff. The Wolf Tooth "narrow wide" chainring, freed from the necessity of ramps and pins for shifting, holds the chain securely even on rougher terrain. An XTR rear mech gives top-level Shimano shifting complete with a clutch mechanism to prevent chain slap and derailleur bounce. Blending MTB and Road tech, the shifting is Di2 electronic, for maximum accuracy with minimal effort.

Quarq power meter cranks ensure that no effort is wasted, they're stiff and light but most importantly they pair with your ANT+ computer to provide detailed power data.

The titanium seatpost is also from Moots, and gives that extra bit of subtle shock absorption that's so useful on a bike that'll get used on all kinds of surfaces, as well as being super strong and durable.

But enough of the tech detail - just bask in the glory of those fine-tuned details, with the famed alligator Mr Moots making a number of appearances, both etched and anodised.

Want one of these for yourself? Get in touch - we are Moots specialists and can build your dream ride in Stanley or any of the other exclusive finishes.

photos by Bence Bujaki


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