Moots Vamoots RSL


This shop build Vamoots RSL is all about speed. MOOTS have worked hard to make the RSL the most aggressive in the Vamoots line, with oversized downtube, seat tube and chainstays all joining a press fit BB30 shell for maximum stiffness and power transfer. The RSL still boasts that special ti ride feel though, depite it being the stiffest, lightest frame that MOOTS make.

We've built this up with Lightweight Meilensteins, keeping the weight super low and the power transfer optimized. ENVE finishing kit was the obvious choice and Ultegra electronic keeps it racey.

Come see us in store about MOOTS and we'll tell you all about how they obssess over the smallest tolerances and the utmost importance of using the best grade ti money can buy.


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