Mosaic GT-1 Gravel on ZIPP 202


Mosaic's GT-1 is their top of the range gravel/adventure frameset, and the geometry is a little closer to a 'regular' road bike than to a pure gravel machine. This, together with the natural compliance of Ti, makes it a perfect long-distance/endurance bike that's still very capable on the rough stuff.

There's a full complement of adventure bike features, including mudguard mounts (check out the custom finished guards used here - a perfect match) and clearance for up to 38mm tyres.

As with all Mosaic bikes, the frame is proudly handmade in Boulder, Colorado.

This build comes with the now ubiquitous power meter, here in the shape of Quarq's power cranks. The SMP Evolution is ideal for endurance rides, super comfy and carefully selected by our bike fitter for this particular rider.

Light and strong Zipp 202 wheels round out the package. The latest version are a little wider, but still superlight, making these an effortless long-distance package that climbs like a dream.

Photos by Bobby Whittaker


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