This is the OPEN U.P. (Unbeaten Path) in it's 'new' version. The updated UP comes with OPEN's own U-Turn straight-bladed forks, with flat-mount brakes front and rear.

As always with OPEN there are a wealth of fantastic details that set this bike apart. The front disc calipers mount directly onto the forks without the need for an adapter, making for a lighter bike and stiffer, more efficient braking.

At the rear the thru-axle also carries the derailleur hanger - so only one bolt is needed to secure both the wheel and the rear mech - all the stiffness and power-transfer benefits of a 12mm thru axle without the weight penalty that usually incurs.

OPEN have quickly established themselves as of our all-time favourite brands. If you were looking for the platonic ideal of a bike brand this is probably it... two industry veterans with unparalleled experience running a small, innovative bike company and building the kinds of bikes they want to ride themselves, keeping in close contact with their dealers and riders alike.

The UP has garnered rave reviews, and if you're looking for a bike that is swift and nimble on the road but can also handle singletrack and bridleways with aplomb, this "gravelplus" bike is the one for you.

We can build an UP to your specification, check out the frameset here, and of course as always with Bespoke we'll ensure the perfect fit. Interested? Get in touch


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