OPEN call it "GravelPlus", we call it More Than Road, whatever you call it, the U.P. is a bike built to tackle an exceptionally wide variety of conditions.

Ultegra Di2 2x shifting offers speed on road and the ability to deal happily with off-road climbs. The Roval CLX 32 carbon wheelset is properly aero but also incredibly tough (and boasts ceramic bearings for the ultimate grit resistance). Shod with grippy WTB Venture TCS 47mm tyres this is a bike that can go wherever you point it - fast.

3T's SuperGhiaia bars are particularly interesting, with a unique profile that keeps the hoods vertical, for maximum comfort and efficiency, but then flares the lower section of the drops dramatically, giving a wider stance for more control. It's a shape that's been specifically designed for mixed surface riding, and as such is the perfect match for the U.P.

We can build you your very own custom U.P. and ensure the perfect fit. Check out some of the many options available in our online Bike Builder.

photos by Bobby Whittaker


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