OPEN U.P.P.E.R. with ENVE G23


We're big fans of OPEN, who's innovative but no-nonsense approach to bikes is shown in their "gravelplus" models, the UP and UPPER.

This is the superlight model of the range, blending performance geometry that can handle fast road sections with the ability to take road, cross or even MTB tyres up to a whopping 2.1 inches wide.

The build uses the high calibre of components that you'd expect on a lightweight frame, with a blend of Ultegra and XTR in the 1x drivetrain, running on some gorgeous Easton carbon cranks, plus the bombproof reliability of Chris King making a welcome appearance in the headset, BB and hubs.

Those hubs are part of ENVE's G23 carbon gravel wheelset. Optimised for 35-45mm tyres they're designed from the ground up to provide a swift, comfortable ride on rough surfaces. Here they're rolling on Compass Bon Jon Pass Extralight - a fast tyre designed for maximum speed in less extreme conditions. Simply swap 'em out for some more knobbly options and this bike can tackle almost anything - the world is your oyster.

photos by Bence Bujaki


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