OPEN U.P.P.E.R. with Lauf Grit SL forks


This is one of those stand-out builds that are just packed with detail. The main attention grabber is of course the Lauf Grit SL suspension forks. These take one of the oldest ideas in shock absorption, the leaf spring, and using the latest technology bring it right up to date.

So, why go for this style of fork? Well for starters there's the weight - they're not just light at 850g including axle, the "unsprung" part of that total is just 250g, meaning it's particularly good at handling chatter and vibration.

For a gravel/adventure bike where long travel isn't required it makes a lot more sense to opt for a fork that will increase overall comfort and reduce fatigue. With 30mm of travel the Lauf provides enough to isolate you from shocks, whilst the progressive spring rate means that the further it compresses the stiffer it becomes - the ideal behaviour, since it means small bumps can easily be absorbed but you're not going to "bottom out" the fork on a really big hit.

An added bonus is the low maintenance required - no air to top up, seals to wear or chambers to leak.

The fork may be what catches the eye, but this build isn't short of cutting-edge components. An electronic Dura-Ace gruppo includes the latest XTR Di2 rear mech for ultra-precise 1x shifting with minimal effort. A Quarq power meter crankset ensures that those training miles don't go to waste, and ENVE's awesome G23 gravel-focused wheelset is designed for the roughest of conditions whilst remaining remarkably lightweight.

photos by Bence Bujaki


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