OPEN WI.DE. Force/Eagle AXS


Here we have the OPEN WI.DE. in 27.5in configuration and some lovely Easton carbon contact points. The WI.DE. is designed for maximum enjoyment in all conditions and on all terrain, and Schwalbe's semi-slick Rock Razor are definitely at the sportier end of the spectrum - decently smooth on road sections and an absolute treat when cornering off road, they reward enthusiastic riding.

DT Swiss GR 1600 SPLINE 25s, with their generous 24mm internal rim width, provide ample support for the beefy tyres, and are both refined and durable. This is a bike built for adventure and the DT are a perfect choice.

Running tubeless, with orange anodised Muc-Off valves to add a splash of colour, there's no need to worry about pinch flats, and rotating mass is kept under control. Together with the expertly laid-up carbon frameset the fat tyres provide ample cushioning, with plenty of speed on tap.

photos by Bence Bujaki


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