Orca Avant with 105 Hydraulic


The Orbea Avant is the slightly more forgiving sibling of the Orca, the Basque brand's pure race bike. Not to suggest the Avant is a slouch though, it's designed to be ridden fast, all day long.

Thin seat stays and then those massive chainstays, similar to the Orca, so it's still all about the power transfer. But here the comfort is turned up a notch, and with hydraulic disc brakes Nicola will be riding the Avant for long days in all kinds of weather.

Orbea spec their bikes in a way that maximises bang for buck: you get a lot for your money. Their mix and match approach might upset the purists, but if you want maximum performance for your budget then look no further.

Come and see us for more on Orbea and we will fit you for the perfect ride.


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