Parlee RZ7


Parlee's Paint Lab have come up trumps again, with this gorgeous green colour scheme, complete with custom painted details.

The ENVE SES 3.4 AR carbon wheelset is optimised for 28-32mm wide tyres, and yes - the RZ7 is an aero road bike, but it will happily accomodate up to 32mm width. This is an aero road bike that's more than just a one trick pony. Parlee have built the RZ7 to be light (870g is quoted for a medium frameset) and aero, but also comfortable and smooth handling.

That gecko graphic painted on the top tube brings brings back memories of the Audi Quattro and its high grip and unflappable handling, in turn inspired by the grippiness and climbing ability of the gecko itself.

Handling is key for Parlee. They build bikes ready to compete at the highest level, but they always keep one eye on real world considerations.

This is part of why we love working with them - as bike fit specialists we're well aware that comfort and control play as much part in performance as aero and light weight.

Read Bespoke founder Barry's first impressions of the RZ7 here on the Bespoke blog.

photos by Bence Bujaki


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