Parlee RZ7 Factory Edition


The RZ7 Factory Edition marked the launch of Parlee's latest aero road bike with a limited edition run of 100 numbered framesets.

When Parlee build an aero road bike they have the advantage of a long history specialising in carbon fibre, and a deep understanding of aerodynamics. But stable, precise handling and ride comfort are an equally important part of the Parlee DNA.

So, the latest RZ7 is of course wind tunnel tested, and packed with awesome attention to detail (even the thru-axles are integrated to give a neater, narrower stance front and rear, with better aerodynamics). And the removeable SpeedShields, first seen on their TTiR, shroud the brake calipers to provide additional smoothing.

With tyre clearance up to 32mm this is a fast road bike that takes full advantage of the latest technology, but isn't afraid to chart it's own path when needed.

Read Bespoke founder Barry's first impressions of the RZ7 here on the Bespoke blog.

  • Build your own custom RZ7 in our interactive online Bike Builder

photos by Bence Bujaki


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