Parlee Z-Zero Matte


This customer went for the matte finish on his Parlee Z-Zero and it really shows off the beautiful detailing of the construction. The Z-Zero is an incredibly sophisticated frameset: Neither "lugged" or traditional "tube to tube" construction. The Z-Zero joining process is more precise, more costly, and unmatched in strength, using only carbon fiber to fuse each tube to another in a manner that yields a wholly unified structure with almost zero redundant material. The matte finish makes this more visible.

With one of the world's very best road frames as it's base, you can't put any old parts on to complete the build. With the Lightweight Meilenstein wheels this build showcases some of the most advanced carbon technology on the world, both handbuilt by small independent companies. The Meilensteins are exceptional in every regard and are Lightweight's all-rounder. Not too deep for every day use, supremely stiff for maximum power transfer.

The Enve bars, stem and seatpost are further examples of cutting edge carbon technology. Aside from their incredibly low weight and their high strength, we love the shape of the Enve bars. Short drop, short reach, our fitters rate them very highly. This customer didn't want the logos spoiling the matte aesthetic of the build, (note also the Schwarz Edition wheelset), and paid extra for his Enve finishing kit to be de-badged. Please contact us for further details.


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