Parlee Z-Zero with EE


Nick's Parlee Z-Zero is very stealthy. If you don't look closely you might miss all the bling....

The Z-Zero custom is the pinnacle of hand built carbon frames. 100% hand built with in-house made carbon in Beverly, Massachusetts by Parlee's craftsmen, the Z-Zero delivers ultimate comfort. The wax finish really lets the carbon shine.

Nick also went for the full Parlee cockpit, taking advantage of the additional stiffness from the 35mm bar diameter.

Lightweight Meilenstein wheels are another superlative. It's hard to think of a more perfect wheelset. Just to push the build into legendary status, Nick chose EE brakes. Forged aluminium, powerful, and just 194g for the pair, including pads. Probably the worlds best brakes.

"The key to the Eebrakes' stunning no-compromise performance is the clever CNC-machined aluminum design, which uses a progressively increasing-leverage geometry that retains generous pad clearances but quickly brings them to the rim then piles on the power from there in a veritable avalanche of braking force." - Bikeradar

Being somewhat obssessed with upgrades, Nick also went for Ceramic Speed 3D printed ti hollow body pulley wheels. Reduced friction, improved power transfer, but it comes at a price...

Nick's Parlee is just stunning.


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