Parlee Z Zero with Gipfelsturm


The Parlee Z Zero is a superlative road bike, a true dream machine. Stock size options can be ordered in different carbon finishes as every Z Zero is made to order, using Parlee's own carbon tubing made at their Massachusetts facility. Full custom geo is also available, as is any kind of paint you like: you dream it, they can paint it.

This Z Zero build really doesn't scrimp on the components. SRAM Red eTap gives amazing wireless performance and that clutter free look. Add full Parlee carbon finishing kit for sleek looks and incredible handling. Lastly, add in arguably the world's best climbing wheels, the Lightweight Gipfeslturm tubular, here in it's Schwarz Edition.

This bike performs like a dream and is artisan built as a work of art. Truly superb.

Come and see us about saddling up your own dream Parlee.


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