Pinarello Dogma F10 Disk


Fausto Pinarello said it'd never happen, but the march of disc brakes is inevitable, and here it is - the latest version of the Dogma, the F10 Disk (sic).

Likewise we weren't sure we'd see Pinarello in-store again; it doesn't matter how good a bike is if you can't get hold of it. Thankfully a thorough revamp of their UK distribution means that we can now get the colours - and most importantly - sizes that we need, when we need them.

So, onto the bike itself. As you can see it has the established Dogma shape, just lightly tweaked to accomodate the discs. Thru-axles hold everything securely in place, and flat-mount discs provide superlative stopping power.

You may gain a little drag from the disc brakes, but this is countered by the cleaner front end that can be achieved by running hydraulic cables internally (and the effect is amplified in this build by the wireless SRAM Red shifting).

This is still very much a race-focused bike with fairly aggressive geometry, and of course a proven track record in the Pro peloton.

The Black Lava gradient paint really does suit the slab-sided look of the F10's ultra-aero profile, and makes a great way to welcome Pinarello back to Bespoke. The first of many, we are sure.


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