Pinarello Dogma F12


The Dogma has always been at the aggressive end of the road race spectrum, and this latest F12 model is no exception. The new Talon Ultra integrated aero bar and stem reduce drag compared to the previous F10, and together with the revised frame and fork contribute to an 8 Watt saving at 40km/h (which as Pinarello point out is equivalent to a saving of 1 second per kilometre, a very significant saving in a race situation).

With the race-ready geometry it's as important as ever to ensure the correct fit, both for performance and for efficiency. That's where our expertise comes in, looking at the individual rider and their relationship to the bike to ensure the perfect match.

This build includes the distinctive Princeton CarbonWorks Wake wheelset, with its 60/65mm undulating rim depth, which are intended to improve resistance to crosswinds whilst also providing additional stiffness at the spoke head. They also feature superb White Industries hubs, always a welcome sight on any wheel build.

photos by Bence Bujaki


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