Project One Madone with ENVE and Quarq


This Project One Madone is straight from the future.

Pearl black paint packs a starry surprise in the sunlight and the black logos somehow manage to both blend in and stand out. This is the aggressive H1 fit, so the front end is super low. This visually emphasises how beefy the head tube is, accentuating the aero tubing shapes.

Glen knows what he likes, we've built few amazing bikes for him. Once again he's gone for Di2 mixed with Praxis Works and a Quarq Elsa powermeter. The Specialized Power saddle is proving popular with aggressive riders, giving a more TT style position on the bike. ENVE 6.7s mean that Glen's maximising the watts he's putting out. There's also no denying that they also look totally badass on this Madone...


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