Ruby Elite Disc


The Ruby is the women's version of the Roubaix, packing the same ride smoothing features such as the Zertz inserts. This model features SRAM Rival with hydraulic discs for maximum control in all conditions. The comfort is enhanced further by the S-Works CG-R damping seatpost, also seen on the all-road Diverge line.

We really like the graphic treatment too. Thankfully it looks like the days of "shrink it and pink it" are pretty much over when it comes to designing women's specific bikes. Specialized have done some great work for their 2016 range, and this geometric patterning on the inside of the forks, chainstays and downtube is a great touch.

As with all bikes that we sell, you can be assured of a perfect fit. After your fit session we will make sure that bars, stem and saddle are all the correct size for you, swopping out parts where necessary on stock bikes. When we hand over your bike we'll make sure that everything fits just right, checking the bike over again on the trainer for any final adjustments.


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