Incredible S-Works Tarmac Ultralight


With a road bike as aero as the Tarmac there's not much you can do to make it go faster. But making things lighter always helps, and this awesome Ultralight build shows that to great effect.

5.75kg (we couldn't resist a photo on the scales). But no corners cut anywhere - this is a bike designed to perform, to do whatever is asked of it without compromise.

Every component is carefully selected not just for lightness but for engineering excellence and reliability. We've long been fans of Specialized's super-light, super-stiff S-Works carbon cranks, and it's always a pleasure to see them on a build. They're complemented here by a Di2 gruppo with the expected smattering of carbon, and an ENVE stem has been selected to provide the exact fit for this customer.

eeBrakes make a welcome appearance too - proving that powerful, progressive braking doesn't have to mean excess weight.

Lightweight's carbon Gipfelsturm wheelset continues the light theme, and is designed with a low profile so as not to catch the wind. It's also perfect for hurtling up (and down) hills.

The wheels are clad in classic Vittoria Corsa tubulars, their tan sidewalls add a subtle splash of colour to a seriously classy stealth-black bike.

Even the paint is a Specialized-engineered coating designed to add just 10g to the total weight of the bike.

Light weight, ultimate attention to detail, understated elegance, and a perfect fit. Another dream bike from Bespoke - contact us to make your dream bike a reality.

Photos by Bobby Whittaker.


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