S-Works Venge Disc


The S-Works Venge was designed from the ground up in pursuit of the aero advantage. When it first came out it realy stood out from the crowd with its unusual tube shapes, the integrated stem and the strange bars. In many ways, looking back, it was just ahead of its time.

This S-Works Venge Disc was built around the frameset for a custom spec. SRAM eTap HRD has been incredibly popular, in fact it's fair to say SRAM really changed the game with their wireless groupset.

ENVE 3.4 SES Disc wheels are another Bespoke favourite, just superb all-rounders. It's funny how they almost seem a conservative choice on this Venge...

For your own perfectly fitted, custom spec build S-Works Venge, come and see us at Bespoke.

Photos by Bobby Whittaker for Bespoke.

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