S-Works Venge on Lightweight Fernweg Disc


The S-Works Venge is used to being the star of the show. Quite right too, it's a superlative all-round performer, taking Specialized's flagship aero road model to a whole new level. But it can't help but be overshadowed here by those Lightweight Fernweg Disc wheels.

The full-carbon Fernweg take the design of the tried and tested Meilenstein as their inspiration, then add an extra level of shaping, with a more rounded profile for improved performance in cross winds (and even more stiffness). To say these are eagerly awaited would be an understatement, and we're told this set is one of the very first to reach the UK. Fortunately we were able to grab a few photos before the new owner rushed in to pick it up... enjoy!

photos by Bobby Whittaker


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